Coil Spill – RKOI 100ml


SKU: CS001

There is nothing to celebrate here, but perhaps you can use this delicious cocktail to help you relaxed after a long day. You are bougie anyways, so you can afford to have a nice drink that will decrease any stress that you may have. RKOI is the name of an e liquid that is going to feel as if you were having a tall glass of champagne, but someone managed to throw a strawberry in it. You take a sip and you are not mad about it. When you take a pull of this e liquid, you are going to taste the fizzy drinking engulfing your mouth with a ton of flavor. As you savor this blend, you begin to taste the strawberry sneaking in and making this e liquid taste sweeter than you think. Once the flavors come together to give you an amazing sensation, they start to smoothly make their way down your throat to give you an explosion of flavors that might make your mouth water. The throat hit is going to be small, but it will still be one that will let you appreciate the excellent combination of hints. After you feel like you downed a couple of these cocktails, you begin to exhale and let the flavors have a slow and graceful. They will even be polite and make sure they say goodbye by dropping a couple extra notes of flavor that will make your taste buds eager to enjoy some more. The clouds are going to be pretty big and carry a scent that is going to be one that you probably never had before. Everyone needs to wind down after a long day, so treat yourself by taking a pull of this flavor that will most likely have you coming back for more.

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