LE-VAP Pakistan

We are the expansion of official retail stores, wholesale and distribution of the LE-VAP group, United Kingdom. The LE-VAP group decided to officially launch its operation in Pakistan with the aim to introduce premium quality, FDA and TPD compliant vape products to the Pakistani vapors.

LE-VAP Pakistan is the exclusive distributor of The Lemonade House, Glacier Freeze London Urban Series and Ice Liqs and distributor for Premium Labs and Five Pawns

Our Story | LE-VAP UK & France

LE-VAP is part of the LE-VAP group of retail stores based in London and France. Specializing in the trade of electronic cigarettes, accessories and e-liquids that enables cigarette smokers of every level, from occasional smokers to chain smokers, people who smoke rolled cigarettes, cigarillos and cigars to quit smoking with a success rate unrivaled to the day. LE-VAP’s retail arm are one of the largest e-cigarette retail chain in London that also includes wholesale and distribution.

Our ambition has always been to provide our customers with best of the best in regards to hardware and e-liquids. To meet that target, we literally have searched end of the world to find and procure the rare and fantastic gems of vaping that we’re proud to present to our customers. Visit our shop section to see what we got for you. We didn’t just choose whatever came in our way; we chose only the ones we could see were the results of hard work, craftsmanship, strict quality control, time and sometimes, huge investments. We focused primarily on the products manufactured by companies for whom the ethics of business are important, those who back their products in every situation. The result is an amazing catalogue of the finest products and ultra-premium quality e-liquids that will provide vapers with the safest and enjoyable vape experience.

We hope that you’d also join us in our efforts to bring the era of smoking to an end and celebrate the rise of vaping.